25th International Youth Tournament - Side events

25th International Youth Tournament - Side events

During the 25th International Youth Tournament, football is naturally central, but also during and after the competition program on Friday, Saturday and Sunday side activities are organized for the young and the old. Coordinated by the tournament organization, the Youth Activities Committee, the Youth Academy and the CIOS from Heerenveen. A first impression of the additional activities are given below:

Abe Lenstra Stadium tour
Book a tour for the Saturday night during the tournament weekend in the Abe Lenstra Stadium of SC Heerenveen. 

Inflatable park
As soon as the football program is ready on Saturday afternoon, v.v. Nieuweschoot blows the air cushion park and children can literally jump out their last energy. And an anniversary tournament naturally deserves something spectacular.

Soccer challenges
During the tournament the Greiden have soccer challenges at different locations on our Sportpark. Let's see who has the most precise shot during the tournament. Or the loudest bang. And who can keep the ball in the air for the longest time. The challenges are i.s.m. the CIOS from Heerenveen. Come on if you dare!

More information will follow a.s.a.p


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